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How I Breed Bettas
learn my tried and true method for breeding betta splendens

FIsh Illness
A few photos and information on fish illness (Not a guide for treatment!)

Live Food
A little DIY for live fry foods

my current and past spawns

Fish Photos
See photos of my fish

Wild Bettas

A little bit about the wilds

Fish For Sale

How to Purchase Fish:

Take a look at the fish below and e-mail me at with the ID of the fish you are interested in. Some times a fish may already be sold or on hold for someone, I will try and mark when they are sold, but sometimes life gets in the way :)

Pick up: Fish can be picked up locally in Spring Hill, FL 34609. Please E-mail me regarding pick up times.

Shipping: Shipping is only as weather permits and only in the continental United States. Prices vary but are typically $15 for standard shipping and $25-$45 for over night shipping on up to 5 fish. I do NOT guarantee live arrival on standard shipping, and the cost of shipping is not refundable. If you have paid for over night shipping and your fish arrive DOA, please send a photo within 1 hour of their arrival clearly showing them inside of their bags in the shipping container. I will then refund the cost of the fish or offer to send replacement depending on your desires and what I have in the fish room. Please note that I do not have an endless supply of fish here and I really want my babies to arrive alive, so please make plans to have some one home when they are due to arrive. I can not promise that fish left on a door step in the weather will still be alive when you get home from work or what have you.

Shipping dates will vary depending on my work and class scedule. I work a full time job at a hospital and cannot ship on the days I work. I try to ship on Mondays and Tuesday and have them off at least every other week. The best way to check for when I can ship, is to e-mail me.

Please e-mail me your address and how many fish you are interested in and I will give you a more accurate shipping estimate.

Additional Fees for Shipping: Depending on weather, I may need to include a heat pack for an extra $5. Please note that I calculate into the cost of shipping a little extra to cover the costs of shipping bags and packaging. while the box may not cost me anything (at least in most cases), fish bags and the styrofoam used to insulate the fish Do cost me.
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