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Microworms, Banana Worms, and Walter Worms

Shopping List:
  • Tupperware with lid (put tiny holes in the lid)
  • active dry bakers yeast
  • oat meal
  • measureing cup
  • starter culture or old culture 

mix half a cup of oak meal to 1 cup of water, above i am making 1 for microworms and 1 for banana worms-they are cultured the same way!

Microwave your oat meal per the instructions on the box. You are making it just as if you were going to eat it.

After its cooked, sprinkle the yeast over the oat meal. I let it cool a little bit after this, but keep the lid on because bugs will fly into it.

Take your old culture or starteter culture and add some to your freshly made oatmeal and yeast. I use a spoon for this.

Your culture will need to sit for a few days, it should smell like yeast. If it smells like rot, its gone bad. Here you see my freshly made cultures and the globs are the spooned in parts from my old culture.
Do not be alarmed if you see maggots in your culture, they are a pain to you and I, but they do not harm your culture.Fish also love the maggots ;)

In a few days you will see the microworms or banana or walter worms crawling up the side of the tupperware. To harvest, run your finger along the side above the oatmeal line and then deposit your finger into your fry tank! most cultures last for a few weeks, but I would restart them every other week. Once in a while they do crash and you don't want to be caught without fry food!

Vinegar Eels

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