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Every now and then we will face illness in our fish tanks. I have put this page here just to show some photos of the illness and parasites
that I have had in my tanks. this is NOT a guide to cure fish nor is it a complete guide to fish illness and parasites.

Velvet AKA Gold Dust Disease

(Top Left: Adult male betta with velvet, Middles: pectoral fin of betta fry with velevet, Right: caudel fin of betta fry with velvet)
Velvet is caused by a parasite that is kind of neat, but a major pain in the butt. It has the ability to photosynthsize for part of its life cycle.
This is a big fry killer and can be very tricky to get rid of. The best solution I have found, is to use Seachen Cupramine.


Apiosoma are not really a parasite, nor do they really cause any major issues with fish. But I have seen them on dead fry that were decomposing and thought they were kind of cool.


Dropsy, also called Pine Cone disease, can be caused by many things from bacterial infection, parasites, or liver problems. While some people do try and treat this, i pretty much cull any fish that comes down with it. Treatment can be very long and not fixable.


Popeye is a condition were the eye pops out and looks really bad. the above female betta developed popeye and then got better on her own with no treatment. Popeye can be caused by anything from bacterial infection, parasites, internal problems, or turberculosis. Treatment will depend on the cause.

Unknown illness

The above betta presented with clamped fins then progressed to lethergy and refusing food. attempted treatment with Fuarn-2 antibiotics, paragaurd, and herble anti-bacterial medications. nothing worked. in the end, she died.