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Here you will see the differant spawns that we have going, how the fry are doing and more!

Spawns from the end of 2017 and onward

Spawn 17: 02/12/19

Pairing: Red HM plakat to yellow HM long fin female from spawn #10
Spawn: 02/12/19
Notes: the goal of this spawn is to hopefully carry over the red males color and produce better red long fins and in the future, brighter yellow long fin hms.
Spawn 16: 02/03/19

Pairing: Blue Bi-color plakat male to Opaque white HM plakat female from spawn #08
Spawn 15: 11/16/18
Pairing: Red DT male bred to yellow HM female from spawn 10
Spawn: 11/16/18
Notes: this is a small spawn but has a mix of reds and yellow, all are single tail
Spawn 14: 10/25/18

Pairing: CT multicolor male to HM opaque white female from spawn #06
Spawn: 10/25/18
Notes: this is another one of my experamental spawns. the male is a petco fish that I purchased because he has very interesting color. this photo does not really do him justice, his tail is tipped in black and he has red that fades down from his spine. he was very gentle with the female and seems overwhelmed by the eggs in his care. The female is a HM long fin from spawn 06 that was between an opaque pair. Should be interesting what colors come out of this spawn, or at least they should be really cool or maybe not.
Spawn 13: 10/24/18

Pairing: Blue DT male and HM blue female-spawn siblings from Spawn 05
Spawn: 10/24/18
Notes: this male had amazing fins and was slated to go to a show, then I went on vacation and came home to his fins chewed to hell. the photo here shows his fins almost all regrown but now they look sad. So i paired him to a spawn sister and BAM we have babies. A sister of this pair took Best of Show at the October First Coast Betta show. I expect some nice fish from this spawn.
Spawn 12: 10/19/18

Pairing: Blue/yellow Bi-color plakat produced by Paul bred to a blue/yellow bi-color female plakat from spawn #04
Spawn: 10/19/18
Notes: this male did a great job tending his fry, but he did tear the female up a bit. The male was produced by a friend of mine and after asking a few times if i could buy one of the bi color fish he had, I got one! The female is from my older pair of bi color plakats, this photo washes out her yellow but she Is a bi-color. I am hoping the males genes will be stronger than the female though, i think his color is far better. I did not get many fry in this spawn and will respawn the male to an opaque plakat female from spawn 08 in a few weeks.
Spawn 11: 08/23/18

Pairing: Blue HM male from spawn #03 bred to female DT grizzeled from spawn 01
Spawn: 08/23/18
Update: 10/26/18- this is a small spawn that is producing some nice looking blues and grizzels. it will be neat to see how the grizzeled develop but i can say that some are showing red in with their blue and that is from the father of this spawn.
Spawn 10: 06/19/18

Pairing: HM yellow import male and HM yellow import female
Spawn: 06/19/18
Offspring: So far these fry are doing better than the first spawn from these parents. They did have velvet in the beginning but are coming around nicly. I think this must have been what killed off the first spawn. I seem to only have this issue with imported parents.
Update: 10/26/18- this spawn is very male heavy and they are all nippers! color is still not as good at mom and dads but they are getting there.

Spawn 09:06/06/18

Pairing: DT Plakat bi-color male bred to HM Plakat female from spawn 02-100617
Spawn: 06/06/18
Offspring: These fry confirm my theory that the Liz Hahn Bi-color pair carried the DT gene. Several fry are showing DT.
Update 10/26/18- this spawn is producing a lot of different colors and patterns. I have marbles, solids, and bi-color. Not sure what the end goal of this spawn was besides to see what genes the male carried. I will probably not spawn him again and just let him be a pet for the rest of his life. Considering he would have died if i had not been suckered in to taking him, i think he has had a good life and his 1 spawn is doing great.
Spawn 08: 05/31/18

Pairing: White HM plakat male to spawn sister from spawn 12-051617
Spawn: 05/31/18
Offspring: I ended up with more fry than I thought, considering the female was pretty small. So far I am seeing a lot of opaque white, but a few are starting to show the red like their father.
Spawns 07: 05/17/18

Pairing: HM yellow import male and HM yellow import female
Spawn: 05/17/18
Offspring: No viable offspring.

Spawn 06: 02/21/18

Pairing: Long fin white opaque HM male to a white opaque with red HM plakat female
Spawn: 02/21/18
Offspring: Very small spawn, not sure what happened but i think snails ate a lot of the eggs and the dad just didn't know what to do. I have counted maybe 5 fry at one time.
Update: 08/07/18- 2 females have been grown out from this spawn and will be kept for future breeding
Spawn 05: 01/17/18

Pairing: Long fin blue HM Sieg male to female DT from spawn 9
Spawn: 01/17/18
Offspring: This is a great looking spawn. Several DT and ST fry that look pretty good. I expect some real show stoppers from this pair!

Spawn 04: 01/08/18

Pairing: HM Bi color plakat from Liz Hahn
Spawn: 01/08/18
Offspring: This was a respawn of this pair and the male did a great job with both spawns. Nice looking spawn and colors are all over the map.
Spawn 03: 11/30/17

Pairing: Blue HM male from Sieg to an opaque white HM female
Spawn: 11/30/17
Offspring: This spawn has produced blues, greens, butterflies, and at least 1 marble. all are ST.

Spawn 02: 10/06/17

Pairing: Bi-color plakat pair from Liz Hahn
Spawn: 10/06/17
Offspring: This spawn was HUGE but sadly developed velvet and I lost 90% of the spawn at about 1 month old. The surviving offspring are mixed pastel colors with a few blues. It appears like maybe 1 or 2 males and the rest are females.

Spawn 01: 10/06/17

Pairing: Blue HM male from Spawn 9 to a sibling blue HM female-these are a mix of Liz Hahn and Sieg fish blood
Spawn: 10/06/17
Offspring: The result of this spawn has proven very interesting. Both parents were solid blue and came from a spawn between solid blues. The result was blues, greens, marbles, and grizzeleds!

Old Spawns

Spawn: 13
Pairing: Red HM male from Spawn 6 paired to red cambodian HM sibling female
Setup: 05/22/17
Spawn: 05/24/17
Notes: This pairing has produced a nice number of fry, we will see how things go. So far the fry are doing great.

Spawn 12
Pairing: Liz Hahn White HM plakat male to an import white HM female
Spawn: 05/16/17
Notes: this spawn was a last ditch effort to get white plakats. I am not sure if the male is from a white line, I really think he is not. but we will see. the import white HM male that came with the female is an egg eater. this is a large spawn but the fry appear very weak. We will see how they do int he long run.
Update: This spawn proved to have a lot of male offspring that are very aggressive and most are white with red in their fins. very pretty though.
Click here for photos of the offspring

Spawn 11
Pairing: Black Orchid HM male to Black and white HM marble sibling female
Setup: 05/01/17
Spawn: 05/17/17
Notes: This is a very small spawn and part of that it due to the male being a pretty poor dad. most of his offspring were on the bottom of the tank and he rarly paid them any attention. still, I have about a dozen or so and it will be neat to see how they turn out.

Update: I ended up culling this entire spawn. once they got older I relized that they did not have ventral fins. not sure if it was due to the high amount of microworms I gave them at an early age or genetic, didn't want to take the chance.

Spawn 10
Pairing: Blue HM plakat male to blue long fin HM female
Spawn Date: 04/01/17
Notes: This is the first spawn from this male and I have had him for some time now. he is getting old. there are about 20 or so fry and they appear to be doing well.
Update: This spawn procused a few males and females but they were just not very good. I did send some of the males to a show and some took 2nd or 3rd places, but over all I was not very happy with the outcome. This line will not be continued.

Spawn 9
Pairing: Yellow HM Male to Plakat HM yellow female-both produced by Liz Hahn

Setup: Jan. 16, 2017
Spawn Date: Jan 18,2017
Free Swimming Date:
Notes: This male is pretty old and it took a few tries to get this pair to spawn. I have high hopes for any offspring that they will have great color and fins.
Click here for Spawn Photos

Spawn 9.0
Pairing: Blue HM male produced by Siegbert Illig to a steel blue HM female produced by Elizabeth Hahn-both first purchased at the First Coast Betta Clearwater show
Setup: 11/20/16
Spawn Date:11/26/16
Hatch Date: 11/28/16
Notes: This is a small to medium size spawn and I can already tell you that there are a few DT fry in here :)
Update: 05/22/17- this spawn has produced some amazing offspring and a TON of males!

Spawn 8
Pairing: Marble HM male from Spawn 4 to a blue HM female produced by Phil Dorr and purchased at the Clearwater IBC show
Setup: 11/20/16
Spawn Date: 11/22/16
Htach Date: 11/24/16 (Thanksgiving Day Babies!!!)
Notes: The father of this spawn has very messed up ventrals and I am hoping that with my new RO/tape water mix, this will not show up in his offspring. I entered him in the First Coast betta show and he did place in the new breeder and won me some points. He was not very good at embracing the female and its a wounder any of the eggs were fertilized. This is a very small spawn with less than 50 fry, so I am hoping for some stunners in here. I need to take photos of the female, but I promise she is a looker :)

Spawn 7
Pairing: HM Steel blue male to steel blue marble HM sister-this pair is from Spawn # 3

Setup: 09/09/16
Spawn Date: 09/10/16
Notes: There were a lot of eggs in the nest but not many fry. I am not sure what happened. The male was away from the nest after spawning and the female was tending the eggs when I came home. the male suffered a LOT of fin damage, I removed the female and left the male to it. if i had to guess, I would say the female probably dropped a lot of the eggs outside of embracing and they were never fertilized. Still, I do see about 25-35 fry in the tank. So a nice tiny spawn.
Update: These guys all have ventrals and although I have not really paid them much attention, they are looking good. I have a few steel blues but more cambodians and bi-color fry. I need to snap some photos. These colors are throw back to their gransparents spawn. I was hoping for more blues but owell, Im still happy.

Spawn 6
Pairing: Yellow HM Male to Cambodian HM female

Setup: Aug 19, 2016
Spawn Date: Aug 21,2016
Free Swimming Date: Aug. 25, 2016
Notes: This male is on loan to me from a fellow breeder. he was auctioned off at the last First Coast Betta show and has ben spawned once with very few fry surviving. I really wanted to work with him and see if I could get more fry out of him. Wish us luck!
Update: 08/21/16- came home from work and found EGGS! this male is a possible egg/fry eater so I need to keep a very close on on them.
Update: 11/26/16: These guys are growing well and I have TONS of fry still. I have a few yellows and a ton of cambodians. I am jarring the boys now and will get photos one day..just to much to do right its lucky I can even post an update!
Update: 05/22/17: one of the males from this pair took BOS new breeder at the Gainsville IBC show and his brother took 2nd place :)
Click here for spawn photos

Species: Betta Rubra
Setup Date: July 2016
Spawn Date: Unknown- some time around Aug 12th
Release of Fry: Aug. 21,2016
Note: came home today and found the male was no longer holding, after a quick search of the tank, i found a few fry. not sure how many, but Im so happy :)

Spawn 5
Pairing: Blue HM male to Black HM female
Spawn Date: 05/14/16
Hatch Date:
Comments: this is mostly to prove out the female. she came from an unknown breeder and I am not sure if she is black or melano. if she is melano, her eggs will not develop.
Offspring: Click here for Spawn 5 photos
Update: 11/26/16: Sadly most of the offspring from this pair are missing one or both ventrals OR the centrals are super pathetic. One young male had no ventrals, I jarried him any ways, and a few weeks later he GREW tiny stubs that are about 1/4" long. So I have no idea what happened here. My plan is to spawn a sibling pair and see if the resulting offspring have ventrals or not. Im really disspointed because after this spawn, the father jumped over a divider and pretty much fed himself to another male. I was to late to save him and thus can no longer breed him.

Spawn 4
Pairing: Blue HM male to HM white female
Spawn Date: 03/06/16
Hatch Date: 03/08/16
Offspring: this is the 2nd spawn for this pair, after losing almost all of their offspring to a velvet outbreak, I am hoping that this spawn does a lot better!
Click here for Spawn 4 Photos

Spawn 3
Pairing: Blue HM male to HM white female
Spawn Date: 01/04/16 (1st spawn of 2016!!!)
Hatch Date: 01/06/16
Offspring: This was a huge spawn and the male did a great job taking care of the offspring. Sadly the fry became infected with velvet and I ended up losing most of the spawn. 15-20 fry survived. :(
Click here for Spawn 3 photos

Spawn- not worth numbering
Pairing: Blue full moon DT male to white HM female
Setup: 12/24/15
Spawn: 12/25/15
Hatch Date: 12/27/15
Offspring and notes: This male was a horrible father. I ended up taking out 7 eggs before he ate them, out of those only 2 hatched and I was able to raise them until they were a few months old. Then 1 of the 2 randomly died. So the end result was 1 female DT that was not worth breeding. She is living in a 40gal planted tank as a pet.

Spawn 2
Pairing: Blue and White marble DT male to Blue HM female
Setup: 09/19/15
Spawn: 09/22/15
Offspringing: HM, HM, Super delta. Blue, butterfly, marble, red and white marble
Click here for photos from this spawn