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Available Birds

The Seller-Purchaser Agreement: Read This FIRST

Thank you for considering one of my birds! Please read the buyer/seller agreement below before taking one of my birds home. If you have questions about anything, please ask me! I want to make sure that each and every bird that leaves me has the best possible start in their new home.

As the seller I agree that the birds offered for sale on this page are 100% healthy and this includes that the parents of any chicks, rescue birds, or new additions to my flock have been vetted as needed and have been checked for common illnesses that affect cockatiels including but not limited to: PBFD, polyomavirus, and psittacosis.Please note that as the buyer that if you notice any strong behavior or possible illness if your new bird, let me know right away.Please note that any injury or illness your bird may suffer from after the first 2 weeks in its new home is at the responsiblity of the new owner.  Any illness or injury caused to your bird while in  your care that is not related to a congenital defect is the responsibility of the new owner. Birds should also be quarantined and kept away from other animals for a period of at lesat 30 days to prevent the spread of illness from existing birds to your new bird.

Any birds marked as “DNA sexed” have been DNA sexed by blood through Iqbirdtesting.com and have a 99.9% accuracy of sex-although it has not happened yet, there is a very small chance that the test could be wrong, so please keep that in mind. Adult birds offered here will be offered with full disclosure of known health/breeding/behavioral issues- I will NEVER knowingly offer a bird to someone if that bird has problems without first discussing it at length with the purchaser.

I will take back any bird that I have sold, at the expense of the purchaser. No refunds will be issued.

As the purchaser it is the expectation that you have done research on the species of bird that you want to buy, that you will provide that animal with a balanced and nutritious diet, fresh and clean water, and a safe enclosure/cage/environment for it to live and grow. The purchaser has full breeding rights unless it is otherwise stated for an individual animal, and it is expected that the purchaser take full responsibility for breeding and the resulting offspring if that is their wish. Should the purchaser change their mind after taking possession of their bird and no longer want their bird, they may return it to me at their expense-no refund will be given.

No shows will not be tolerated. I do Not ship or deliver birds. I reserve the right to refuse to sell you a bird if I feel that you are not capable of caring for it.

*Effective starting October 2021*: If you want to reserve a bird that is not ready to go home yet, You must submit a Non-refundable fee that will become part of the purchase price of your bird. Payment can be sent via paypal or zelle. For holding a green cheek conure the deposit is $100, for a cockatiel it is $50.00.

I *may* allow un-weaned babies to go to new homes but the purchaser must be experienced and have knowledge on hand feeding baby birds. An un-weaned baby bird is fragile. No guarantee is offered on un-weaned babies. Things can and do go wrong when hand feeding a baby bird. I highly recommend not taking a baby bird that is un-weaned. You will have plenty of time to bond with your new baby after it is weaned.

And last but not least, You will get back from your bird what You put into it. If you expect to have a super friendly pet but never hold or interact with it, then it will not be a good pet. I you play with and handle your baby and put in the work and love they deserve, they you will have a great companion animal.

I am Located in Spring Hill FL 34609, please check my location on google maps before messaging me.
You are expected to pick up your bird, again I do not deliver and I do not meet part way.

Up Dated 02/17/24

Proven pair of turquoise green cheek conures! Both hatched in 2021 and have raised 1 clutch. they sit and feed. currently housed in a free flight aviary but they are very hormonal and want to nest now! I am completely getting out of green cheeks and this is my LAST pair.

$600 for the pair

Non-bird critters for Sale:

I have a litter of Composit tamuk/New Zealand Meat mutts that are ready to go. Colors include harlequin, magpie, blue eye white, and Siamese.
$30 each.
I also have a few magpie composite tamuks. The male has blue eyes and the female has brown eyes.
$40 each.

Ball python spider het pied, possible het albino, possible orange dream
Hatched in 2021
*does have slight wobble when excited*
Feeding on Live ASF rats, mice, and Norwegian rats
Photo taken on 01/20/24

Recently sold/On Hold with Deposits

Band:MB FL 21 23
Sex: DNA Sexed Female
Hatch Date:08/11/23
Mom: Cisco- Whiteface cinnamon split to pied
Dad: Giligan-normal pied split to lutino
Price: $150.00- sold J
Quaker Babies!

Band:MB FL 06 23
Sex:Female- Sex Linked to be Female-Not DNA Sexed
Color:opaline blue
Hatch Date:07/11/23
Mom and Dad: Syl and Kal
Price: Sold. K.C.
Notes: This baby is an opaline blue and should be a female. She is weaned and ready to GO!
Click Here for a video of this super cute little girl!
Quaker Babies!

Band:MB FL 05 23
Sex: male- Sex Linked to be male- Not DNA Sexed
Color:normal blue
Hatch Date:07/09/23
Mom and Dad: Syl and Kal
Price: $300.00-On Hold for B&V
Notes: This baby is a normal blue and should be a male who will be split to opaline blue. currantly on 3x handfeedings a day
Quaker Babies!

Band: MB FL 01 23
Color:Opaline Blue
Hatch Date:05/05/23
Mom and Dad: Syl and Kal
Price: $300.00-Sold
Quaker Babies!

Band:MB FL 03 23
Color:Opaline Blue
Hatch Date:05/07/23
Mom and Dad: Syl and Kal
Price: $350- sold to J
MB FL 19 23
Hatch Date: 04/22/23
Phenotype: Cinnamon Pearl
Het: Pied
Sex: DNA Sexed Female
Mother: Dew Drop (Lutino)
Father: Ember (Cinnamon pied)
Price: Sold to C.G.
MB FL 16 23
Hatch Date: 04/17/23
Phenotype: Normal Grey
Het: Pied, lutino, cinnamon
Sex: DNA Sexed male
Mother: Dew Drop (Lutino)
Father: Ember (Cinnamon pied)
Price: Sold D.R.
Quaker Babies!

Band:MB FL 04 23
Color:Opaline Blue
Hatch Date:05/10/23
Mom and Dad: Syl and Kal
Price: Sold To A. R.
Band:MB FL 22 23
Sex: DNA Sexed Female
Hatch Date:08/14/23
Mom: Cisco- Whiteface cinnamon split to pied
Dad: Giligan-normal pied split to lutino
Price: Sold J.K. 10/16/23

(NFS)Pairings for 2024

Hen: Cisco- Cinnamon Whiteface split to pied
Cock: Giligan-Normal pied-unknown hets
Setup: These two are back in a breeding cage because Cisco wanted to be a mom bad enough that she was sitting on eggs in the avairy on the floor. So we shall see what happens with those eggs.

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