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Cockatiels, like bettas, are just something I have always had. My mother purchased my first cockatiel for me when I was in elementary school and his name was Petey. He was a common grey male who sadly got out and fly away because we did not clip his wings!
Fast forward from them to when I was in highschool, and you would have have found me breeding cockatiels. I had all sorts of whiteface mutations and I really enjoyed my birds. As life does though, things changed and life's challenges got in the way. So from 2010 until 2019, I only had 1 male whiteface pied: Mozart. In 2019 I built him a nice outdoor free flight aivary and set about to get him a female compaion. Well the first "girl" turned out to be a BOY and his name is Sparrow Hawk. Next was Kechara who also turned out to be a boy! In the end I did find a few ladies for the boys and I have been bitten by the bird bug again!
I am a small hobby breeder and mostly keep my birds for my own enjoyment. the birds have an outside aviary and inside cages.
Each pair of birds gets their own large indoor cage for use when the weather is not good outdoors and during the times I allow them to breed.
My birds are fed a diet of Mazuri small bird pellets, Higgins 466125 safflower gold nature for conue/cockatiel, millet spray, and fresh fruits and veggies.

Meet My Birds
*Note that these birds are my pets and are NOT for sale*

Mozart is a male whiteface pied. He came to me after my cousin found him in her front yard. After several months of looking for an owner, he came to live with me. He was not suppose to stay here, but he fit right in and never left. His leg band shows he was born in 2013 and he is the oldest bird in the house.

Sparrow Hawk was born in 2019 and is a male white face pied. He was sold to me as a female, but as you might be able to tell from his photo, he is a super nice looking MALE! Sparrow was hand fed by me and he is a very good talker and daddy bird.

Kechara is who we like to call the "special" bird. Sold to me as a probably female whiteface cinnamon pearl, HE did not share that HE was a HE until over a year old! He acted like a female and then one day just started talking to me and telling me what a pretty bird I was. Needless to say he soon molted and is now a solid cinnamon color. Kechara is often picked on by the other boys, so he gets to spend more time with me and he also helps to train the yonger birds on how to fit in. The name Kechara is from a book, in case you were woundering. It means "Beloved" in the world of the Black Gryphon by Mercades Lackey.

Jack is another whiteface, but he is split to pied. I got Jack as a "1.5yr old proven breeder" along with Sally. Jack and certainly make some interesting sounds as well as talk. He is not very social with humans and prefers Sally to anyone or anything.

Ember is a lutino, cinnamon pied. Ember ended up at my house after a women posted about looking for a friend for her bird. I sent her a message about the babies i was handfeeding and one thing led to another and the end result was a new bird in my flock and a new friend! Not much is known about Ember's past..but Embers orginal name was Cookie.

Nova is a whiteface lutino. He was born around 10/25/20. He is so amazing and just loves food! I got him from the same local breeder that I got Dew Drop from!

Sally is a female whiteface lutino. She came with Jack as a "1.5yr old proven breeder." Sadly when I first got her and Jack, she laid some very odd eggs that showed she was super low on calcium and had an infection in her reproducitve track. As you can see in the photo she has a perminant droop to her wings. She has been seen by an avian vet and treated for her health conditions. As of now, Sally is a pet only. She does not like humans and prefer the company of Jack. Jack and Sally do best kept inside as Sally does not like the free flight. Sally can fly, but not well. Sally is sadly a good example of what happens when breeders do NOT take care of their animals.

Dew Drop is a female Lutino that was born in 2019. While she was hand fed, she is not a people bird. She loves to be outside and only shows interest in humans when it centers around her FOOD. She has become a mother this year and produced 6 wounderful grey babies with Sparrow Hawk.

Smokey is a gentle and sweet little female white face. She has paired up with Mozart (although Mozart does not know how to breed and they do not produce fertile eggs). Smokey does not really grasp the concept of "step up" but she will fly onto your head or hand and hang out with you. She also enjoys tring to eat my phone or tablet :) She is just a sweet girl!

Faile (you get extra points if you can guess what book series she got her name from!) is a female whiteface cinnamon pearl split to pied. She was born in 2020 and is by far the most tame out of all my hens. She steps up and hangs out with you, nibbles on you and is just super sweet. It is my hope that next year or the year after, she will bond with one of the boys (ok on Kechara is free) and produce some great babies. The breeder I got her from was A+++

MB 011 does not have a name yet, but she is the daughter of Dew Drop and Sparrow Hawk. She is my keeper baby. She is a very pretty, big girl! I have high hopes for her future babies here.I really need to come up with a good name for her! she was hatched on 09/27/20.

Grumpy is a male green cheek conure. While I try daily to get on his good side, he lives up to his name and is just a Grumpy boy! I wanted to try a new type of small bird and I got Grumpy and Bashful as a proven pair that is around 1-2yrs old. Grumpy was handfed but other than taking food from my hand, he really doesn't seem to like people. Thats OK though. I enjoy just watching him and his mate with their crazy and comical personalilties. If we are luckly, maybe next year I will get babies from them.

Bashful is a tuquoise green cheek conure and is the mate of Grumpy. Like Grumpy, she lives up to her name! she spends a great deal of time hiding from me in her nest box. I have not really been able to work with her very much, but if I sit in the bird room and just let them do their thing, she comes out and plays with Grumpy. One day I caught her taking a bath in the water dish and she reminded me of any women who has been spyed on in her bath, she screamed at me and ran to her nest box! I could not help it but laugh. It was way to funny.

Sylphrena or Syl for short is a quaker parrot. She is the best impulse buy ever! We were at Fosters exotic pets in Hudson and my boyfriend knew I was missing my old quaker that was a handme down bird who was super old and passed away 10yrs ago. So when we saw that they had 1 baby blue quaker left..well..she came home with us! She is rarly locked in her cage and is the ONLY bird who is allowed unsupervised with the dogs-because she will attack them! Syl joined the family in early 2020. I look forward to sharing the next 25+ years with her!

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