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Cockatiels, like bettas, are just something I have always had. My mother purchased my first cockatiel for me when I was in elementary school and his name was Petey. He was a common grey male who sadly got out and flew away because we did not clip his wings!
Fast forward from then to when I was in highschool, and you would have have found me breeding cockatiels. I had all sorts of whiteface mutations and I really enjoyed my birds. As life does though, things changed and life's challenges got in the way. So from 2010 until 2019, I only had 1 male whiteface pied: Mozart. In 2019 I built him a nice outdoor free flight aivary and set about to get him a female companion. Well the first "girl" turned out to be a BOY and his name is Sparrow Hawk. Next was Kechara who also turned out to be a boy! In the end I did find a few ladies for the boys and I have been bitten by the bird bug again!
I am a small hobby breeder and mostly keep my birds for my own enjoyment. the birds have an outside aviary and inside cages.
Each pair of birds gets their own large indoor cage for use when the weather is not good outdoors and during the times I allow them to breed.
My birds are fed a diet of Mazuri small bird pellets, Higgins 466125 safflower gold nature for conue/cockatiel, millet spray, and fresh fruits and veggies.
My birds enjoy multiple free flight avairies as well as their own climate controlled building. They are spoiled beyond belief and I 100% enjoy them.

Meet My Birds
*Note that these birds are my pets and are NOT for sale*

Mozart is a male whiteface pied. He came to me after my cousin found him in her front yard. After several months of looking for an owner, he came to live with me. He was not suppose to stay here, but he fit right in and never left. His leg band shows he was born in 2013 and he is the oldest bird in the house.

Sparrow Hawk was born in 2019 and is a male white face pied. He was sold to me as a female, but as you might be able to tell from his photo, he is a super nice looking MALE! Sparrow was hand fed by me and he is a very good talker and daddy bird.

Jack is another whiteface, but he is split to pied. I got Jack as a "1.5yr old proven breeder" along with Sally. Jack and certainly make some interesting sounds as well as talk. He is not very social with humans and prefers Sally to anyone or anything.

Ember is a lutino, cinnamon pied. Ember ended up at my house after a women posted about looking for a friend for her bird. I sent her a message about the babies i was handfeeding and one thing led to another and the end result was a new bird in my flock and a new friend! Not much is known about Ember's past..but Embers orginal name was Cookie.

Nova is a whiteface lutino. He was born around 10/25/20. He is so amazing and just loves food! I got him from the same local breeder that I got Dew Drop from!

Dew Drop is a female Lutino that was born in 2019. While she was hand fed, she is not a people bird. She loves to be outside and only shows interest in humans when it centers around her FOOD. She has become a mother this year and produced 6 wonderful grey babies with Sparrow Hawk.

Faile (you get extra points if you can guess what book series she got her name from!) is a female whiteface cinnamon pearl split to pied. She was born in 2020 and is by far the most tame out of all my hens. She steps up and hangs out with you, nibbles on you and is just super sweet. It is my hope that next year or the year after, she will bond with one of the boys (ok on Kechara is free) and produce some great babies. The breeder I got her from was A+++

MB 011 named Dapple, she is the daughter of Dew Drop and Sparrow Hawk. She is my keeper baby. She is a very pretty, big girl! I have high hopes for her future babies here.I really need to come up with a good name for her! she was hatched on 09/27/20.

Sun Flower is the daughter of Dew Drop and Sparrow Hawk. She was born in 2021 and left here to go be a pet to a couple that sadly a few months later had some life changing events happen and she came back home to our flock. So she will remain on a permanent flock member.

Cisco: This is a cute and friendly little cinnamon whiteface hen that came to me from someone who, as it turns out, works at the same hospital I do! She was worried that Cisco would be unhappy with her new work schedule and so when i went to meet Cisco and her cage mate Tito, Cisco told us she liked me by flying right to me! she is a very talkative and interactive hen. She was not to happy when I took blood samples for her disease tests, but they all came back perfect so she has been introduced to the flock. she was born sometime around 2015/2016 per her former owner.

Tito: This young lady came to me with Cisco. She is a tad more standofish from humans and that is ok. Her former owner told me that when she went to pick Tito up she was told that Tito was a boy and was not allowed to see or hold the baby. when she got her home, she relized that BOTH of the young birds wings were broken and then had been allowed to heal poorly. While she is a healthy bird, her wings cannot be fixed at this point in her life. She was born sometime aroun d2015/2016 per her former owner.

Goldie: She came to me in December of 2021 and was very sick. She had multiple bacterial infections and honestly I do not know how I kept her alive. She had to be on multiple antibiotics for almost a month, probiotics, and special food. But She has turned around and is doing great! She can even fly now, something the vet did not believe she would regain :)

Baby is a whiteface pearly heavy pied. My good friend Juan (who is a total enabler) went to a bird show and sent me photos of her..and then I sent him some money and he got her for me! She was less than 2 months old when I got her and I have big plans for her in the future. Estimated date of hatch is 03/19/22. She is a total mamas girl to!

Lady Grey is from a local wildlife rescue. she was turned in a few years ago along with some of her offspring and mate. She is now here enjoying retirement life with my flock.

This handsome pied boy is Giligan. He was originally turned into a vets office a few years ago on the brink of death. he was nursed back to health at a local wildlife rescue and is now enjoying life in the flock :)

Sylphrena or Syl for short is a quaker parrot. She is the best impulse buy ever! We were at Fosters exotic pets in Hudson and my boyfriend knew I was missing my old quaker that was a handme down bird who was super old and passed away 10yrs ago. So when we saw that they had 1 baby blue quaker left..well..she came home with us! She is rarly locked in her cage and is the ONLY bird who is allowed unsupervised with the dogs-because she will attack them! Syl joined the family in early 2020. I look forward to sharing the next 25+ years with her!
Photo Coming Soon Kaladin or Kal for short, is a very handsome little male quaker. he was born sometime around May 2022.

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