Welcome to missina's World



Welcome to my world. 

My name is Missina and you have stumbled on my website. This site started out in 1998 as a way to share photos of my fish and while I have added more things to my site, it is still centered around my fish hobby. I breed, raise, show, and sell betta splendens and their wild relatives. I may not always update my site, but you will have plenty of wildlife and fish photos to look at to keep you busy in between those times when I add more!

Whats with the Fish?

I have been keeping and breeding bettas since I was about 14 years old, or so. It all began when the owner of a local pet store in Albany GA told me that she did not sell females bettas, because they were to ugly and no one wanted to buy them. For some reason that made me want to breed female bettas so that they were as pretty and desired as the males, only I did not know that that had already been done. In fact female betta splendens come in every color the males do. But it was to late and I was hooked! I started breeding bettas and although I have taken time off here and there, I still keep and breed them to this day. Currently I am a member of the Aquatic Club of Pasco County, the Tampa Bay Aquarium Soceity, the Internantional Betta Congress, and am co-chair of the IBC's Species Matiance Program. I have had articles published in aquarium and pet magazines, given talks at aquarium clubs, and in 2017 I gave a presentation at the IBC's annual convention on wild betta species.

Whats New for 2020?

This Year for 2020 I have purchased an annual Florida State Parks Pass and over the next 2 years the dogs and I are going to try to visit ALL 175 State Parks. There are a few places I cannot take the pups, but luckly those places are all close to my home. I have 3 amazing dogs, Leeloo, Auri. amd Hopper. They are all "northern breed mixes" and you can check out photos of them on my Pets Page under Dogs (or click here). Leeloo will be 10 years old this August and was born the day after I purchased my house! Hopper and Auri may look like brother and sister, but they are not. Auri was born in March of last year after my beloved 14yr old boy Igor passed away, and Hopper was born 10 days later in April!