Welcome to missina's World

Last Updated: 01/13/2022


Welcome to my world. 

My name is Missina and you have stumbled on my website. This site started out in 1998 as a way to share photos of my fish. Since then my site has grown to be more of a storage place for my photos of basically everything animal. I do not get a lot of traffic and really do not care, this is more for me :)
Above is one of the little baby betta macrostoma. Its dad was born here as well :)

As 2022 Begins:

Sometimes what we want and what we get are not really in line with each other. My goals for the next few years had been to pay off my car and buy a larger house on more land so that I could get a few larger farm animals. What I got instead was a diagnosis of breast cancer, tons of bills, 2 extra cats, and baby betta macrostomas despite not breeding fish anymore. Do not worry, the cancer was caught early and even as I sit here typing this on January 13, I have had the cancer removed and am about to begin chemo to reduce my chances of it going back and killing me. So I will survive! As to the 2 new cats, well I took in a foster mom who had 7 kittens and in a moment of insanity decided to keep 2 of the kittens since one of my 11yr old going on 12 yr old cats is on hospice with renal failure and will probably not make it to his 12th birthday. Seems like a lot of bad stuff has been happening to me, but not to fear-good stuff has happened to. one of my pairs of betta macrostoma decided to bless me with live babies...I only have 5 fish tanks left in the house, but hey I have a crap ton of wild betta macrostomas now! My birds are also doing great and I purchased a HUGE shed that we are turning into the animal room for the birds, snakes, rats, and rabbits. Oh did I mention that I'm going to begin breeding meat rabbits for my pain in the butt dog who is allergic to chicken and pork and salmon and lamb ect? Yes so look forward to bunny pictures later. I also have a few pet rabbits. I really need a farm. But in a few years when doctor bills are paid off and life is back to normal and the housing market crashing again, I WILL buy my larger plot of land and a larger house. Just wait and see!!!! Lets get this year started GOING!

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