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   wild bettas            

  Welcome to my virtual fish room! I have been keeping and breeding fish since some time before 1998. I have always been fascinated by Betta Splendens, and when I asked a pet store owner why she did not sell female bettas, I was told it was because they were ugly. So I wanted to see what this “ugly” fish looked like. Female bettas were far from ugly though! The Female betta comes in all the colors that the males come in, but with shorter fins. I was captivated by the genetic possibilities of these tiny fish and before I knew it, I had a room full of fish tanks! In 1998 I opened my first website, The FL Betta Room. I was a member of the IBC (International Betta Congress), and the TBAS (Tampa Bay Aquarium Society), was a published author of several articles related to fish keeping, photos of fish that I had taken were put in pet supply magazines and everything was going great. Then tragedy struck and I lost almost all my fish to an unknown pathogen that snuck in with some wild betta bellicas I imported. I took a break from fish for a few years, but the call of these little fish brought me back. I do not keep fish in the huge numbers that I once did, in fact I am currently down to 6 running 10 gallon tanks, 1 20gallon, and 2 planted 40gallon tanks.

Above is a photo taken in August 2015 of my fish set up. As you can see, I have home made tank racks. I made these out of 2x4's and plywood. I use to use metal and wood shelfs, but after I almost killed myself moving one that turned out to have a weakness in the metal (and a leg buckled and I was forced to hold it up until help arrived), I decided to make my own racks. These take up way less room and look much better. This display is in my living room so I wanted it to look nice, one of these days I will do something with all those wires-but for now I just don't care! ;) And you cannot see it in this photo, but I also have a few 2 gallon tanks in the kitchen for spawning bettas, and a BBS hatcher.

12/19/15- So just a little fishy update. I have 2 betta splenden spawns that I am growing out right now, they are about  a month apart in age but from the same parents. Both the father and mother of the spawns show or carry the marble gene. One of the females in the first spawn has been showing some pretty wild colors. To give you an idea of what the marble gene does, here are some photos of that female from the first spawn:
She started out totaly blue and then white stripes started on her back, a week later she was mostly white. I bet she will be all white soon. Maybe she will turn blue again to!