Fish Room links 

How I Breed Bettas
learn my tried and true method for breeding betta splendens

FIsh Illness
A few photos and information on fish illness (Not a guide for treatment!)

Live Food
A little DIY for live fry foods

my current and past spawns

Stock Shop
My fish for sale- US only.

Fish Photos
See photos of my fish

Wild Bettas

A little bit about the wilds

The Fish Hobby...
Some people collect stamps and others fine china, but my hobby is breeding fish. While I have tried my hand at raising leopard geckos, ball pythons, rodents, and cockatiels, I really prefer bettas. They come in so many different color and fin types that when you think you have seen it all, you see something totally brand new that blows you away!

In this part of my website, you can see photos of my current and past fish, my setups, see what spawns are currently being raised and the ones from the past few years, and find a little info on these amazing fish. Please note that there are so many informational websites out there that this is more for my fish than it is to teach people how to breed or keep them.

I hope everyone enjoys the photos and limited information that can be found here!